Welcome to Peaceful Minds for Busy Lives

I’m so happy that you’re making your happiness a priority. Yay!

I also know how busy you are, it’s the plague of the modern era, so I’ve tried to make this course as simple, easy and fun for you as possible.

The most time you’ll ever have to dedicate is one hour per lesson – often it’s less than that. So if you do one lesson per week – that’s not a lot of time when you think about why you’re doing the course.

And I want you to think about why you’re doing this course.

Right now, you’re super motivated. You’ve just signed up and you’re excited that this course is going to change your life – you’ll find out in lesson 3 which neurotransmitter is coursing through your nerve pathways giving you that awesome feeling.

You’ll also find out in lesson 3 why it’s such a temporary feeling. This is why we love to start things but seldom finish.

Even though you can do this course at your leisure, I would strongly encourage you to set aside one hour per week, mark it on your calendar, and unless someone has gone to the hospital or your house is burning down, commit to that time.

This is about your happiness, your peace of mind – learning a new skill set that allows you to let the small stuff go and take on that warrior of peace attitude that can get you through life with ease. But it doesn’t happen magically – I can’t wave a wand and bestow peace upon you.

I need you to show up each week, curl up in your favorite chair with a refreshing drink (preferably not a gin and tonic – maybe just the tonic) and take in everything you can about how to be happier and more peaceful.

As you do each lesson please don’t forget to click the “mark complete” button. Not only will it help you remember where you are but it will keep you motivated when you see how much you’ve already accomplished.

Good Luck! And remember I am always here to help you. So please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, comments or concerns.


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