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Corporate Brain Training

Imagine how much better your organization would be if you were able to upgrade your employees’ operating systems, i.e., their brains.   Would it be a plus or a minus for your employees to have increased focus, attention, motivation, energy and creativity?  Would that increase productivity or hurt it?  Increase efficiency or decrease it? Improve the bottom line or reduce it?

Brain training in the 21st century is real.

Based on the latest neuroscience research it tells us EXACTLY what we need to do to train our brains to be the best.

The foundation of our brain training is meditation, as that’s the BEST exercise for your brain but it’s not the only brain training exercise we offer.  I’ve created dozens of brain exercises that your employees can do throughout the day to strengthen and increase different neural networks in their brain associated with focus, attention, motivation, memory and creativity.

I’ve spent over 25 years working in the financial industry; on the retail and institutional sides, buy-side and sell-side.  I understand how stress is a major part of our business and that it’s also the leading cause of underperformance.

In the late 90’s I was a stressed out broker working for Merrill Lynch in La Jolla, California.   That’s when I began training my own brain with meditation.  Within a few weeks of meditating my stress levels dropped dramatically but what really got me excited was how much clearer my mind was.  It was easier to focus and analyze, get motivated for a big project and come up with creative ideas.  I felt like I could handle anything.

For almost 20 years I’ve been passionate about understanding how my brain works and how to get it to work better.  Fortunately my curiosity coincided with an explosion of neuroscience research, due to extremely advanced technology that has essentially given us a window into seeing the brain in action.

Just like a top athlete is constantly training for peak performance, you need to be constantly training as well.  The difference being you are training for intelligence, decision-making, focus, motivation and processing power; the part of your body you need to work out and train is your brain.

If you’re not doing mental strength training and your competitors are, they are gaining an advantage on you.   This is THE key to sustaining top performance.


After working with us, your employees will:

  • Be more focused (make less mistakes, better memory retention)
  • Be more motivated (less wasted time)
  • Enjoy increased productivity (increased job satisfaction)
  • Have less stress and anxiety (clearer, calmer minds)
  • Make better decisions (less bad decisions)
  • Manage emotions more efficiently (less wasted time with office conflict)


How we help your company

A negative work environment is one of the top reasons employees leave.  High employee turnover is costly and a drain on resources; and you’ll not only lose mediocre employees but your best ones too.

We don’t just come in and motivate your employees for the day and hope things will change.  We give your employees the tools to manage their stress, emotions and stay productive.  This in turn creates a much more positive work environment and saves the business a lot of money and time.

Our programs range from an introductory “Brain Training 101” Workshop to a fully immersed training we call “Mental Strength Bootcamp for Financial Professionals.”

Our goal is to have a positive impact on your bottom line and we are so confident in our training programs that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If we don’t deliver, you can have your money back, no questions asked.

Did You Know?

  • Happy employees and leaders are more productive, creative and better at problem solving
  • Studies have shown that multitasking can reduce productivity up to 40%
  • Stress can reduce your IQ 10-15 points

Executive Leadership Training

Although much of the basic training we offer in the employee workshops is the same for all our programs, we recognize Executive and Management Teams have different needs that should be addressed.

The typical manager spends between 25-40% of their time resolving conflicts between employees.  That’s an enormous amount of time that is not being devoted to increasing productivity and creativity but just trying to get back to basic levels of productivity.  It’s like you’ve always got a hole in your boat, instead of going forward you’re just trying to stay afloat.  This in itself can add to a more stressful environment.

We’ll teach you proven methods to resolve conflict quickly and how to create a more congenial work environment to reduce the number of conflicts arising in the first place.  We’ll give you specific tools on how to engage with your team to keep them motivated and happy.  When you have happy employees, productivity and creativity goes up, conflict goes down and your headaches go away.

After working with us, your executives will benefit from:

  • Improved strategic thinking (fresh, creative ideas)
  • Improved decision making skills (better decisions = better outcomes)
  • Increased focus (less mistakes, better memory retention)
  • Reduced stress and anxiety (clearer, calmer minds)
  • Improved ability to manage emotions (better relationships with employees and coworkers)
  • Knowing how to resolve conflict quickly (increased emotional intelligence)
  • Increased clarity and vision for the future (quality leadership)
  • More effective management of employee relationships (less conflict)

Executives in the 21st century require more than IQ and technical skills to be successful, they need to be emotionally intelligent.  If your employees think you don’t care about them, then they won’t care about you.  Employees that work for an emotionally intelligent leader are more loyal, productive and motivated.  When your employees and executives have mutually beneficial relationships and goals your business soars.

CEOs Who Train Their Brains:

  • Mark Benioff,
  • Jeff Winer, LinkedIn
  • John Mackey, Whole Foods
  • Andrew Cherng, Panda Express
  • Bill George, former Medtronic CEO
  • Robert Stiller, Green Mountain Coffee Roaster
  • Rick Goings, Tupperware
  • Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates
  • Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post Media Group

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