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Lose Your Stress

Stress is a self-imposed prison.  It makes you anxious, drains your energy and limits your potential.  When you’re stressed you can feel it pulling you down as if you were walking through quicksand.  Stress kills your dreams, harms your relationships and destroys your life.

The stress response is meant to keep you alive.  To alert you to danger and prepare you to deal with the threat by running away from it or fighting it.  In the 21st century we get stressed when we are stuck in traffic, our internet connection is too slow or just by reliving an old argument in our head.  So we go about our day on high alert, anything that deviates from the plan is a potential threat and we lash out either internally or externally.

How different would your life be if you could let go of the weight of stress?  What dreams would you pursue with a clearer, fresher mind?  How would your relationships change if you were more calm and peaceful?  Imagine the freedom you could have by letting go of worrying and negative thoughts (that mostly aren’t true).

I can 100% guarantee it is possible.  Everything I teach is backed up by the latest neuroscience research and my own personal experience in removing 99% of stress from my own life.


Learn How Training Your Mind Changes Your Brain


How Does Meditation Improve Your Focus? (2:25)


How Does Meditation Make Us Happier? (4:45)


What is Chronic Stress? (2:33)

The Smarts Behind a Better Brain

In the past decade we have learned more about how the brain works than in the last 2,000 years.  A great many of the articles we post are focused on meditation and other mind training exercises that cause the brain to change for the better.  By understanding how meditation affects the brain, you’ll also start to understand how your brain works, which we believe is an essential ingredient for anyone looking to improve their life and their happiness.


How ZenSmartsTM Can Help You

We understand that everyone has a different schedule and a unique way of taking in new information. With this in mind, we offer a variety of ways to work with you including; private coaching, online classes and corporate training.


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